DJR is carbon neutral for 2020 and 2021 and will continue to work to reduce its emissions

Dick Johnson Racing has become the first carbon neutral Supercars team and attained the FIA’s highest level of Three Star Environmental Accreditation, cementing its place as an industry leader on and off the track.
To become carbon neutral, DJR engaged Colin Trinder, a Certified Environmental Practitioner with extensive experience in environmental management in motorsport, natural resource management and defence sectors.
He has previously guided Motorsport Australia to attaining Three Star FIA Environmental Accreditation as well as leading the environment program for Rally Australia in Coffs Harbour to deliver a carbon neutral event. 
Colin calculated DJR’s greenhouse gas emissions for their 2020 base year and worked with the Team to establish their Environmental Management Plan and Quality Management System.
In July 2021 DJR’s Environmental Policy was finalised, which identified the following key priorities for the Team:

  1. Increasing recycling and reducing waste going to landfill from DJR’s operations;
  2. Shifting to 100 percent renewable energy.
  3. Funding new renewable energy projects which help offset DJR’s greenhouse gas emissions.
  4. Reducing total energy use in its business operations and freight logistics.

These four initiatives combine to substantially reduce and completely offset any carbon emissions from DJR’s entire operations, creating net zero emissions.
While these initiatives make DJR carbon neutral, the team has also been working to improve habitats and enhance the recovery of biodiversity by restoring sustainable native forests and bushland. 
For each team member, DJR is planting the number of trees needed to completely offset their annual per capita average greenhouse gas emissions. In total, over 17,000 trees have been planted – 5,100 in Australia with Trees For Life and to date 12,220 trees planted in Nepal, India, Tanzania, Mozambique and Madagascar with Tree-Nation.
DJR will plant 1,700 trees per annum in an ongoing commitment to Trees for Life. Further, from 2022, with each merchandise purchase, a tree will be planted with Tree-Nation through their Net Zero Product service.
One of the team’s engineers, Brad Eyes, has been appointed as DJR’s first Environment and Sustainability Manager and the team will continue to work to reduce emissions and maintain its carbon neutral status as part of its commitment to its FIA Environmental Accreditation. The team is also a member of the Australian Sports Environmental Alliance.

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