Updated guidance for Stellantis Manufacturer Warranty Claims has been released

In response to a substantial number of complaints, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has stepped in to provide new guidelines for handling warranty claims on Stellantis Australia Jeep vehicles.
Stellantis Australia, the importer and distributor of Jeep vehicles in Australia, has undertaken to address ACCC concerns about the way it has handled complaints by consumers who have experienced problems with their Jeep vehicles, in a court-enforceable undertaking accepted by the ACCC.
The ACCC investigated Stellantis Australia’s response to consumer guarantee complaints after receiving many complaints from consumers about Jeep vehicles and their difficulties in obtaining remedies under the consumer guarantees which are in the Australian Consumer Law.
The reasons for the complaints included lengthy delays in obtaining a remedy, vehicles requiring multiple repairs for the same issues, and delays in parts being provided.
Stellantis Australia has acknowledged the ACCC’s concerns that its staff may not have properly understood the company’s consumer law obligations when dealing with customer complaints, due to deficiencies in its internal policies.
“Consumers have rights under the Australian Consumer Law, which are independent of manufacturers’ warranties,” ACCC Deputy Chair, Mick Keogh, said.
“Businesses should have appropriate systems in place to ensure they do not mislead consumers about these rights and must comply with their obligations if customers experience problems with a product or service they have purchased.”
Under the court-enforceable undertaking, Stellantis Australia will review its procedures for handling customer complaints and make any necessary changes to ensure that consumers who experience a ‘major failure’ with their vehicle are given the refund or replacement they are entitled to. Stellantis Australia will also ensure that all customers who buy a new Jeep vehicle are advised in writing of their consumer guarantee rights.
In addition, the undertaking ensures that consumers who seek to rely on their consumer guarantee rights and request a refund or replacement vehicle, receive a written response and, if applicable, are informed of the reasons why Stellantis Australia has not agreed to the requested remedy.
Stellantis Australia has also undertaken to improve its inclusion of Australian Consumer Law rights in its internal systems and staff training, so customers are not wrongly denied remedies that they are entitled to. Stellantis Australia is required to report on these changes to the ACCC.

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