Workshop diagnostics are vital when it comes to effective engine management

Only 20 years ago, the workshop mechanic’s tool of choice was a wrench, now it is the diagnostic tool and that is because vehicles today can house up to 45 or more computers, all communicating lines of code.
In today’s workshops, diagnostic tools are pivotal profit makers. Vehicle advancements continue to take on digitised components, and these scan tools provide greater profit opportunities.
Whilst the diagnostic scan is a breakdown problem identifier, its use for customers as a preventative health check at routine maintenance visits is an additional revenue generator for workshops.
Whilst there are a range of diagnostic tools and prices in the market, Logicar says some points to consider to enable you to pick the one that best suits your needs include:

  1. Features and functions – user friendly interfaces, code reading and clearing, live data streaming, bi-directional control and others tailored to your needs.
  2. Wireless vs wired – Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, compare and consider the advantages and disadvantages for your work practices.
  3. Compatibility – what are the different OE makes and models embedded in the scan tool and does that suit your workshop carpark? Some scan tools are universal, others specific to brands.
  4. Software and licencing – what software is offered? What does the diagnostic data interpret? How regular are software updates? To be effective, all tool licences/ subscriptions need to be kept up to date.
  5. User reviews – seek out reviews from other users on the web.
  6. Maintenance and care – is it robust enough to suit your environment and use pattern? A well looked after diagnostic tool will increase longevity.
  7. OBD-ll system – consider the On-Board diagnostics, related protocols and physical connector types, as some will be supplied as additional accessories at extra cost.
  8. Price range – entry level to high end, what tool best works for you? Ultimately, your decision is based on your workshop function, client car park, budget and all of the abovementioned considerations.

Logicar explains it has been an expert in diagnostics for many years, offering a large range of scan tools, from entry level to advanced and says it will take the time to understand your requirements and help you make the decision that best suits the complexity of your needs.
It says its team understands small/medium business as they are one too, and so it invites you to call today – after hours discussions are also available if you have time constraints during the work day.

For further information, contact Logicar via or by calling 1300 322 782.