A Pedders GVM+ kit could offer you a certified GVM rating of 3450kgs

Pedders now offers a GVM+ upgrade solution for selected Mazda BT-50 and Isuzu D-Max models to assist in compliance for GVM and axle ratings.
Through exhaustive and detailed testing, Pedders says its GVM+ Upgrade Kits have been approved by the (Commonwealth) Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development.
Kit components including TrakRyder foam cell struts, coil springs, foam cell shock absorbers, leaf springs, u/bolts, leaf spring shackle bushes and front strut mounts can be supplied and installed at your approved Pedders GVM outlet to increase the payload of your Mazda BT-50 or Isuzu D-Max by up to 450kgs.
All suspension components installed as part of a Pedders GVM+ upgrade package are backed by Pedders’ two- Year/40,000kms Nationwide Warranty.
When the GVM+ upgrade kit has been installed to a new vehicle by the trained technicians at a Pedders GVM+ certified installer, a new compliance plate will be fitted. The new vehicle can then be registered with new increased GVM. This procedure will allow the vehicle to be legally registered and driven in all states of Australia.
For vehicles that have already been road registered, the process varies from state to state. The vehicle may be required to be inspected by an authorised Automotive Engineer in that State and be issued with a compliance certificate.
Pedders invites you to contact your local Pedders GVM+ approved outlet for further details.

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