Riding the wave of diesel fuel pre filters and oil catch cans

Qld Diesel and Automotive Diagnostics explains diesel fuel pre filters and oil catch cans are intended to extend engine life.
Diesel fuel pre filters have made their way into everyday 4WD vehicles as a must have accessory. All modern diesel vehicles (and specifically Common Rail) have particularly good fuel filtration systems from the factory with warning lights to alert us when contamination or water ingress has occurred.
However, the installation of a ‘pre fuel filter,’ while being a great first line of defence, is no reason to ignore the importance of changing the main (original) filter as per its recommended schedule.
The original filter is of a higher micron rating and is the last stop for fuel before entering your high-pressure diesel injection system. Regular servicing and quality fuel are the key to fuel system longevity.
Oil catch cans are another must have accessory in modern diesel vehicles. We are all aware of the high carbon (soot) the EGR systems deposit in air intake systems. Mixing that with oil residue from the engine breather system (crank case ventilation) is a recipe for disaster.
While there are many types of oil catch cans available, they all gather quantities of oil and depending on their size and style of engine they are fitted to, can fill quite quickly.
Qld Diesel and Automotive Diagnostics warns that if these units become overfull and the engine cannot vent crankcase pressure properly, at the very least you will incur oil seal leakages, probable turbo charger failure and in a worst case scenario, the engine could run away at uncontrolled revs due to it now running on engine oil from the overfull catch can. As such, it implores you to drain and service these items regularly.

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