QwikShade can protect your vehicle

Would you go out in the sun unprotected? Then why expose your expensive motor home and contents to harsh UV and summer heat?
Down Under Distribution says its new range of quality sun shades, QwikShade, eliminates UV and heat entering the vehicle’s windscreen to keep the inside cool and private when you need it. 
QwikShades are manufactured to fit the windscreen and can accommodate rear vision mirror rain sensors if fitted.   
Securely mounted to the windscreen, it is easy to open and close the shade in seconds using the genuine leather pull tab and the self-retracting/lubricating mechanisms. 
The reflective woven solar fabric reflects the harsh UV Rays and heat, and the custom design gives optimum windscreen coverage giving both ultimate shade and privacy. 
If you need to remove the shade at any stage, this can be easily done because of the glass bonded windscreen mounts. Optical vision is not impaired due to the slim design, which incorporates retracted 50/50 spilt shade and polycarbonate self-retractors. 
Those behind the QwikShade product say a two-year warranty gives peace of mind that your expensive motorhome will not only look great, but also be protected against the harshest UV in the world. 

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