Proactive battery testing can help secure extra sales through pre-emptive battery replacement

Cold conditions increase friction around engine components and an increase in oil viscosity creates higher demands on the engine that requires additional cranking power to start.
To add more stress, a fully charged battery at 25oC has approximately 100 percent of its power to crank the engine while at 0oC the battery’s ability to deliver the same amount of power is reduced by around 35 percent.

The combination of operating conditions, an increase in engine tolerances and a decrease in available CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) is a big factor behind an increase in battery failures over the colder months.
Research has proven the more batteries you test, the more you sell. This is particularly pertinent when we consider that approximately 700,000 battery sales are lost each year to road clubs.
Over 70 percent of these vehicles would have been in a service bay or retail outlet within the last six months and it should be considered that one in every twenty batteries identified with a ‘chance of failure’ leads to a battery sale.
Century Yuasa says battery testing using one of its handheld testers provides an accurate on the spot test result in minutes; helping identify suspect batteries, highlighting problems, and helping your customers avoid the financial and emotional costs associated with a flat or faulty battery.

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