An all-in-one solution for a common problem for the Holden Cruze JH and Barina

The IM Group – exclusive distributors in Australia and New Zealand for Dorman products – explains that when the non-return valve in the intake manifold fails on the Holden A14NET engine, it can cause a cascade of problems.
The valve in the intake manifold often becomes dislodged, causing excessive vacuum that then damages the diaphragm integrated into the valve cover’s PCV cap. This throws engine codes, wastes oil and causes rough idling.
The inherent issue of excessive oil consumption is not only limited to the Holden Barina with A14NET engine in Australia.
It is also evident in the Holden Cruze JH series; however, the inlet manifold is slightly different in this application.
The Holden Cruze has two MAP sensors mounted to it. One being in the same position as the Barina, plus an additional atmospheric pressure sensor mounted next to it.
IM Group says Dorman’s research and development team has now developed a simple solution by adding an adaptor to the Dorman inlet manifold (part number 615-380), allowing it to suit more applications.
The adapter design allows the fitment of the second MAP sensor as required in the Holden Cruze application.

When ordering a replacement inlet manifold, IM Group says you need to be sure to ask for a 615-380C for the Holden Cruze applications or a 615-380B for Barina applications.
It also recommends that the Rocker Cover and PCV hose be replaced at the same time, stating that these items often fail as a result of a fault in either unit.
Therefore, Dorman has created a convenient kit to suit both applications:
• Cruze Part no: 264-968C
• Barina Part no: 264-968B
IM Group says the Dorman Kits offers a complete repair of all damaged components, with a redesigned OE FIX manifold to prevent future intake manifold and valve cover failure.
It also includes a PCV tube assembly, as this part frequently breaks during removal. IM Group states that the result is a permanent repair, “done right the first time.”

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