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Penrite Oil says it a leader in supplying quality lubricants, coolants and additives which offers an extensive range of driveline products covering everything from the newest and most modern equipment to the oldest classic, vintage and veteran vehicles.
Driveline fluids are as essential as engine oils for protecting gearboxes, transaxles, transfer cases and differentials in vehicles. They provide:
• Extreme pressure protection
• Wear protection
• Hydraulic pressure
• Lubrication
• Heat transfer
• Friction reduction
• Noise reduction
• Driver assistance
• Cleanliness
The Penrite driveline fluids range consists of Gear Oils, Automatic Transmission Fluids and Specialised additives.
Penrite says its Gear Oil range set new standards for drivetrain lubricants when it was launched, stating that until it introduced its Gear Oil range of products, there were basically two complete ranges of products to cater for the needs of either Hypoid and Limited Slip differentials.
Retailers, consumers and trade mechanics reportedly found these ranges complicated and confusing.
“With the large number of different types available on the market such as base oil type, Limited Slip or Hypoid, Gearbox or Differential, API GL grades, different sizes and fancy marketing names, it’s no wonder that misapplication in this category was frequent, costly and disillusioned retailers, consumers and trade personnel,” Penrite Oil Director Sales and Marketing, Toby Dymond, said.
“At Penrite, our customers were telling us that they were confused by the ranges of products in the market and that they would support action to simplify this category.
“This was also reflected in the call to Penrite’s technical help line. The help line was answering around 40 calls per month from retailers, consumers and trade mechanics on finding the correct product for the application that they were trying to service. It was time for Penrite to address these problems.
“Penrite market researched, developed, trialled and then consolidated two product ranges into one, where one product would cover all of the applications previously performed by two separate products.
“Not only did Penrite accomplish this with the most popular viscosity grade (80W-90) but also with 85W-140 and Straight 140 grades, creating three products that took the confusion out of which type of product to use.”
The new Penrite Gear Oil Range is made up of three products which replaced six existing products:
• Penrite Gear Oil 80W-90 – consolidated and replaced Hypoid 80W-90 and Limslip 90 Gear Oils.
• Penrite Gear Oil 85W-140 – consolidated and replaced Hypoid 85W-140 and Limslip 85W-140
• Penrite Gear Oil 140 – consolidated and replaced Hypoid 140 and Limslip 140
Penrite says the development of the Gear Oil range basically eliminated the problem of misapplication while once again seeing it create a first in the market.
It says Penrite Gear Oil 80W-90, 85W-140 and 140 were unique in the market-place as the only gear oil product that provided one solution to two separate applications.
The products can be used in applications where a standard gear or hypoid oil is required and where a friction modified (LSD) version of this grade of lubricant is required.
At the same time, Gear Oil eliminated the need for customers to purchase two products with the same viscosities and also relieved the “clutter” in the gear oil section at retail level by allowing retailers more shelf room to increasing product sales and ranging options. In the trade, one product replaced two, lowering inventory levels and increases their profitability per vehicle service.
Penrite is an Australian family owned and operated business and says it is proud to introduce initiatives that benefit its trade and retail partners with products such as the Penrite Gear Oil Range.

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