What started around 20 years ago as a small Brisbane business focused on hard parts has now become one of Australia’s fastest growing 4×4 brands

Drivetech 4×4 cut its teeth in the industry providing quality replacement hard parts for common four-wheel drives, including drivetrain, gearbox and diff components.
After quickly gaining a reputation for quality and value, what was then a team of five was able to expand the product range further out towards axles and then eventually steering components, suspension, and 4×4 accessories.
Drivetech 4×4 Business Manager, Ben Lavis, says the brand is now supported by a team of close to 150 people with no signs of slowing down.
“We’ve built a solid network and demand for quality hard parts and innovative 4×4 products and with last year’s travel restrictions in place, we’ve seen that growth accelerate as more people want to explore our own backyard and have a vehicle capable of surviving the Australian landscape,” Ben said.
“Drivetech 4×4 is proud to be a brand that can make sure your 4×4 looks and performs better through accessories but can also help you to repair and upgrade as your driving skills improve and you tackle more challenging terrain.”
Drivetech 4×4 says this commitment is clear from its products such as its Rival bumpers, its full range of suspension upgrades, and its industry recognised dual speed winch.
Rival protection accessories are a huge draw card for Drivetech 4×4, with the Russian-made bumpers and underbody armour not only protecting vehicles but also adding a distinctive style to common 4x4s.
Each bumper is vehicle specific for the front and rear, suiting the styling and size of leading models including HiLux, LandCruiser, Ranger, Navara, Amarok and Triton – to name just a few.
“Rival bumpers are constructed from a lightweight yet rugged 6mm aluminium alloy body, with 5mm steel mounting brackets enabling them to protect without the weight of a traditional bull bar,” Ben said.

“They come complete with integrated LED lighting as well as a winch mount and recovery points to provide style and performance.”
Rival also produces underbody armour, skid plates, roof racks, tailgate assist kits and bonnet strut kits.
The ever-growing range of suspension products is a staple for Drivetech 4×4 customers, with options available to cater to the needs of any driver.
Drivetech 4×4 explains that whilst some just need a simple two-inch lift for touring, others look for the performance and comfort of the impressive Enduro Pro range.
It explains that this premium range of nitro gas shocks has an external bump stop, multi-stage valving, a remote reservoir and braided lines to ensure a smooth ride for any modified 4×4.
The full range includes lift kits, shocks, springs and suspension parts, but importantly, the range is continuing to grow to suit more newer vehicles, driving styles and driver needs.
When it comes to 4×4 accessories, Drivetech 4×4 says it is hard to go past its Dual Speed Winch, which was a finalist for the AAAA 2019 Most Innovative 4×4 Product award.
The only winch in the market with a dual speed function, its unique design utilises a high and low speed gearbox, allowing off-roaders to safely recover a vehicle and then switch gears to quickly return the synthetic rope to the winch drum.
Available in a 5.5 horsepower 9500lb and 6 horsepower 12000lb option, the Drivetech 4×4 Dual Speed Winches are a practical, safe and powerful recovery necessity for any serious off-roader.
“The dual speed is a simple concept, with many 4WDers hating having to wait so long for the rope to return to the winch. With the dual speed, you can almost halve the wait and then get back to the trails,” Ben said.

“The low-speed gear ratio on both winches means a wide variety of vehicles can be recovered in a range of environments, even when a weeks’ worth of camping and touring gear is weighing them down.”
Supplied with an aluminium hawse fairlead, isolation switch, 26 metres of synthetic rope, and three control box mounting options, the winch also has a two-in-one hand remote that can be operated through a hardwired connection, or wirelessly.
Importantly, the Dual Speed winch features a three-stage planetary gear train, which delivers its high-torque output.
This feature is important because without the use of planetary gears, the winch can burn out quickly or underperform when you need it most.
2021 will see even more products join the Drivetech 4×4 range, including quality electrical components such as LED driving lights, LED headlights, LED globes, and solar panels.
“Although Drivetech 4×4 has ranged LED lighting in the past, this new range is next level, with performance and style aligning perfectly and complementing Rival bumpers and traditional steel bars,” Ben said.
“I’m really excited about the new solar range which is expected to land very soon. It includes common sized panels to make sure your site is adequately powered but also offers lightweight and efficient solar blankets.”
Not only will the range expand this year, it will also see the brand be more active in the 4×4 community by returning as the naming rights sponsor for the highly anticipated Drivetech 4×4 Wild Dog Winch Challenge.
Held in the first week of June in Willow Grove, Victoria, the three-day event sees teams put to the test with steep hill climbs, fast drive sections, big winches, gullies and the biggest challenge of all – the stopwatch. 

“This is a fantastic and challenging weekend for enthusiasts around the country who bring custom built 4x4s to compete in the event,” Ben said.
“It is the support of events such as the Wild Dog Winch Challenge that has helped build Drivetech 4×4 into the brand it is today.
“Events, social media and readily available support is why more enthusiasts, installers and repairers are trusting Drivetech 4×4 for their hard parts and accessories.
“In fact, many people who have had drivetrain, suspension or steering repairs completed on their vehicle may have already experienced a quality Drivetech 4×4 replacement part.”
Through community engagement and a range of quality parts to help improve the look and performance of four-wheel drives, Drivetech 4×4 says it has been able to expand to more primary locations around the country.
At the same time, it has been able to grow the network through Dealers: independent 4×4 retailers who it says were looking to not only sell accessories, but also provide repair and upgrade options for everything from cruisers and tourers to competitive rigs and specialist vehicles.
Drivetech 4×4 has long been available through a wide network of Dealers around the country but in 2020, distribution was also opened through the NAPA Auto Parts network.
“This has enabled the full range to become available in over 70 locations within Australia, providing more value to Drivetech 4×4 Dealers and a leading Australian brand for the nation’s best automotive electrical and mechanical specialists,” Ben said.

For more information about the wider Drivetech 4×4 range, visit or visit your nearest Drivetech 4×4 Dealer or your local NAPA Auto Parts branch.