Alliance calls on industry to join forces to address workforce challenges and help secure nation’s economic and environmental future

AUSMASA Chief Executive Dr Gain Lind with Victoria’s Outstanding First Year Apprentice Jonathon Roy of Eastern Subaru

The Mining and Automotive Skills Alliance (AUSMASA) has formed an automotive Strategic Workforce Advisory Panel (SWAP) as part of its remit to bring together employers and unions to work in partnership with governments and the education and training sector to train, attract and retain workers in the critical industry.
AUSMASA was officially announced in June as the Australian Government Jobs and Skills Council (JSC) for the automotive and mining sectors.
Chief Executive, Dr Gavin Lind, said the Minister for Skills and Training, the Honourable Brendan O’Connor MP, had widely acknowledged the significant contributions of both sectors to Australia’s economic prosperity and how their occupations would help achieve net zero transformation.
“As one of 10 Australian Government JSCs, we are part of the network of industry-owned and led organisations that will have a strong connection with Jobs and Skills Australia (JSA) to align workforce planning for the mining and automotive sectors,” Dr Lind said.
Dr Lind said AUSMASA would play a crucial part in the essential first step in determining job roles, skills need and education and training pathways, combining industry-specific intelligence with JSA’s forecasting and modelling.
“AUSMASA has been liaising widely with the automotive industry across the nation and we have welcomed 15 industry leaders to our Automotive SWAP which will meet in coming months, serving as an invaluable source of expertise and insights, drawing upon the collective experience and knowledge from the automotive industry,” Dr Lind said.
“By actively involving industry representatives, we aim to ensure that our VET training programs are designed to meet the evolving needs of employers, effectively respond to emerging technologies, and remain flexible in the face of ever-changing market demands.”

For more information, please visit AUSMASA’s website www.ausmasa.org.au