CoolDrive Auto Parts to participate in inclusive workplace project

CoolDrive Auto Parts, one of Australasia’s largest automotive parts distributors, has signed on for the pioneering Workplace Diversity Project. 
Operated by the not-for-profit Tradeswomen Australia Foundation, the Workplace Diversity Project aims to improve diversity throughout the automotive industry, increase awareness of mental health and wellbeing factors and reduce preventable injuries. 
“CoolDrive Auto Parts is proud to be considered for the Workplace Diversity Project,” CoolDrive Chief Executive Officer, John Blanchard, said. 
“The automotive industry has been selected for this program because it has traditionally featured a low level of diversity.
“Our aim through this project is to enhance our reputation within the automotive industry as an employer of choice and ultimately be more proactive at creating an inclusive working environment.
“Obviously, the program is currently in its early days, but we hope the lessons learned for management, and the improvement of employee well-being, will be transferrable across the entire business.” 
Overall, the program plans to engage 500 workers across workplaces in the automotive industry within two years, with key deliverables including the development of Human Resources policies and procedures that support mental health and well-being, mentoring to managers, and ultimately the development of resources to be available for the broader automotive repair and maintenance industry. 
From Worksafe’s perspective, the project also aims to improve workplace occupational health and safety compliance, improve systems of work, workplace culture, and employee health and wellbeing. 
Facets of the program include the facilitation and reporting of focus groups to look at the barriers toward diversity, the development of internal reviews, the implementation of tools to increase diversity, management coaching, and the ongoing culture testing of workplaces, with the pre and post-program testing of Workplace Wellness Insights. 
CoolDrive’s participation in the program is currently focused on its Victorian branches and head office, but the company plans to use the learnings from the project to create more inclusive working environments nationwide across all branches. 
Other businesses who have signed on for the project include a range of automotive dealerships, Ventura Buses, Pedders Suspension, and Scania Trucks. 

For further information on CoolDrive Auto Parts, please visit www.cooldrive.com.au