Available from Rocket Industries

Rocket Industries stocks a number of dry cell batteries and mounting trays.
Odyssey Extreme Racing Battery
The demands of racing demand a battery that’s up to the job, but also one that is lightweight and compact, so you don’t give any advantage to the competition.
Rocket Industries says the Odyssey Extreme Racing battery is up to the task. Featuring rugged construction and packed tightly with pure lead plates, the non-spillable AGM design of the Odyssey Extreme Racing battery reportedly protects against the shock and vibration that can quickly destroy other batteries.
Further, the pure lead plates “mean more power”, with Rocket Industries stating that twice the overall power and three times the life of conventional batteries is offered.
The Odyssey Extreme Racing battery is ideal for a complete range of applications, including automobiles, motorcycles, ATVs and boats and racing.

Optima Batteries
Rocket Industries says performance-minded people everywhere trust Optima batteries because they know that Optima keeps performing at peak power long after other batteries have failed.
It says that these batteries are the battery of choice for those that are serious about performance, of fleet users, in farm and construction equipment, and in the US military.
Optima batteries deliver power in extreme situations and are also known for dependability as a power source of choice for race professionals, off-road enthusiasts, car stereo installers, and vintage/classic car collectors.
Rocket Industries says average drivers who depend on their vehicle and need to get the most value, performance, and “peace of mind” out of their family car also recognise the many benefits of utilising the Optima and are increasingly switching over from conventional batteries.

Aeroflow Billet Battery Hold Down Trays
Aeroflow Performance billet battery hold down trays are now available to suit popular batteries including Odyssey, Powermaster and Optima red and yellow top.
Machined from 6061 billet aluminium for strength, Rocket Industries says the battery mount holds the battery firmly in place and provide a rigid base to mount to the vehicle; with a recessed bottom to lock the battery into place. It is available in both chrome or black anodised.

For more information, contact Rocket Industries on 02 88251900 or visit www.rocketind.com