Whether it be internal lighting for RVs, marine and the motor body industry, or scene and perimeter lighting for emergency services and tow truck recovery vehicles; there is always something in the QLED range to suit the application, says QLED.
In celebrating QLED’s tenth year in this market, 2020 will see QLED introduce its next generation of amber emergency lighting.
QLED says the first phase of units will remain “of the highest quality we are known for, along with being extremely competitive and built with an emphasis on product longevity!”
These beacons are in the midsized height at 111mm, making this model suitable for the utility market and the small truck market.
Also to be launched is an Amber and Green beacon, which will be compliant with the safety requirements of mining, industrial and government bodies.
This unit’s operations allow for the beacon to flash amber whilst in normal operation. Then once the vehicle becomes stationary and all safety procedures are followed, the beacon can then switch to flash green, indicating the vehicle is now safer to approach. This beacon can also alternate between flashing amber and green.
Also being released will be QLED’s new ‘Scene Lamps’ which are available in a black and white body, operating through 11-36 volt and boasting an impressive raw output of 900 lumen over a 120-degree light angle. Angled mounting wedges will also be available.

For more information, please visit www.qled.com.au or call 07 5456 2656.