For all applications

Durst Industries says it is the leading Australian manufacturer of Industrial Jump Starters to suit all types of cars, trucks and heavy equipment.
Designed by Australians for Australian conditions and market needs, Durst Industries says that whether you’re up in the cold conditions of the Australian Alps or in the harsh deserts of the Australian outback baking in the summer heat, there is a Durst Jump Starter to suit your needs.
The light and portable BJC-2000 CCA 340 amps (Cold Cranking Amps) is a 12-volt model that will start the family car or light commercial with ease time and time again.
The larger capacity BJC-4000 (CCA 680 amps) is light, portable and easy to use but Durst Industries says this “little monster” will start both cars and light trucks and is available in 12 and 24-volt models.
Both the BJC-2000 and the BJC-4000 are designed with many safety features. They are fuse protected and have anti-spike protection; and they are supplied with their own Durst Switch-mode charging unit which is fully automatic and keeps the unit ready for action.
Durst Industries says another brilliant feature included is the reverse-polarity warning buzzer: a handy future that alerts the user if an incorrect connection has been attempted.
They are also available in trolley versions ideal for the workshop, allowing for easy movement to the vehicle.
The company says another popular model is the BJT-200, a heavy-duty 12 and 24-volt CCA 1600 amps model which is mounted on inflatable tyres for full mobility and ease of use on any surface or terrain.
Durst Industries says this starter is reliable and easy to operate and is supplied with two-metre leads and heavy-duty insulated alligator clamps with its own Durst Switch-mode Charger (custom leads lengths are available).
It says it is perfect for the workshop, yard and farming applications with the mobility to get those broken-down vehicles up and going.
The Durst Jump Starter range extends to high capacity units to suit large trucks, buses, bulldozers and earthmoving equipment, with the “Big Mother” of the Durst Jump Starter group being the BJT-520B which is supplied on its own trolley.
Durst Industries says this workhorse will start just about anything and is able to deliver CCA 4800 amps which suits virtually any heavy-duty automotive application. This unit is reportedly popular with earthmoving equipment, defence and mining industries.
All Durst Industries starters are said to meet all OH&S regulations and the Australian Standards requirements and can even be used as a mobile power supply.
Durst can also custom build to your requirements and says it looks forward to finding new applications for its “proven and reliable technology.”
Durst also exports its starters to more than 11 countries throughout the world which it says “proves the design and reliability are exceptional.”
Durst Industries Pty Ltd has been an Australian Manufacturer since 1918.

For more information, call Durst on 02 9660 1755 or view the range at www.durst.com.au