The company says the crowd was amazed by the new products it had to release at the show

Amongst the range of products on-show from Dyno Innovations was the new Eddie current electric engine dyno.
“The Eddie was the first reveal, and it was a hit with the workshops straight away, being able to do 1,000hp with 1,000 Ft/lbs torque and 8,000rpm in such a small unit – we sold two of them almost straight away and got a lot of interest,” Dyno Innovations Director, Glenn Foulsham, said.
“The second release was a 2WD Hub portable dyno that would hold 4,250 Hp and 11,500 Nm of axle torque with the largest single retarder hub dyno still allowing it to roll around and not be stuck in a fixed position.
“Then we had the big brother, bringing 8,500hp and 23,000 Nm of axle torque – specially designed for the race car and drag car industry, this is also the largest hub dyno in the world at the moment.”
Glenn explains that Dyno Innovations is leading the way in a number of areas.
“Our 2WD design is different to other Australian companies – we designed the dynos wider to allow wider track vehicles to be run on them, and increased the HP capabilities by using retarders that were 50 percent larger as the vehicles all make more power, so why run the dyno at its maximum rated power all the time.
“Our AWD/4WD dyno has an extremely new approach to the running of modern day AWD vehicles as they are getting smarter in their control on the road, so the dynos had to get smarter as well.
“Dyno Innovations’ electronics and software design team went to work creating new software and firm wear to handle all these vehicles, creating the smart link software which allows the dynamometers to run almost every vehicle.
“We also designed and built bidirectional gear boxes that can be added to each bed with a drive shaft for those that need all the wheels to turn – we are the only company that has done this in the Australian market.
“Further, our new CAN style electronics have allowed us to expand and upgrade easily to add in other CAN style protocols, so we are not just the same as other companies, but instead lead the technology.”
Glenn said the interest in the Dyno Innovations stand at Expo was fantastic.
“We thank the AAAA for putting on such a great event and for the automotive industry getting behind the event and traders too,” Glenn said.

For more information, visit www.dynoinnovations.com.au