Merchandise can bring in extra sales or offer great promotional or giveaway opportunities

IQ Merchandising can supply a range of automotive related products you can display and sell in your customer waiting area.
On offer from IQ Merchandising is a range of both licensed brands and generic products, imported from Germany, which can brighten up your customer area and lead to extra sales for you.
Alternatively, the products can be used to decorate your walls or can be used as promotional items or giveaways for customers.
Some of IQ Merchandising’s licensed brands include Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Harley-Davidson, Mini, Fiat, Vespa, Motto Guzzi and Goodyear as well as Route 66 and Coca-Cola.
The range includes quality metal signs in different sizes, storage tins, mint tins, key chains, thermometers, clocks, money boxes, ceramic and enamel mugs, magnets and coasters.
The products feature embossed retro/nostalgic designs, a theme which IQ Merchandising says is hugely popular at present, pointing towards retro designed cars like the Mustang, Mini and Fiat 500 and noting that movies like Ford v Ferrari and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood have also generated an enormous amount of interest in everything 1950s and 60s.
IQ Merchandising’s mint tins come in a large range of designs and are reportedly proven “huge sellers.” These tins can sit on your counter in a purpose made display unit and are ideal for impulse buying for car loving customers, it says.
The company’s signs are made in Germany from sturdy 0.5mm sheet metal and are pressed to sit off the wall (not flat) and then embossed to accentuate the design further.
Also on offer are a range of storage tins – hinged and air-tight clip-top – which are ideal for storage in the home or garage, as well as quirky re-usable money boxes which come in various nostalgic designs.
Across the range of brands are “Parking Only” signs and “Logo Evolution” signs and tins in different sizes. IQ Merchandising says these are proving very popular for owners to put in their garage or carport.
There is also the option to put your own branding on the IQ Merchandising Range, with the company stating it specialises in producing items with the same quality that Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Harley-Davidson demand.
It also has a complete range of display options from small counter display units for added impulse buying to a complete four-sided stand-alone spinner, which can be configured any way you want.
IQ Merchandising says that “last and most important, you will be pleasantly surprised with our prices.”

For more information, visit www.iqmerchandising.com.au or visit the team at Unit 32, 25 Huntingdale Rd, Burwood, Victoria, call Jim on 1300 881664.