Introducing the PARKSAFE Wireless System

Front Parking Sensors have always been a fairly difficult and time consuming installation however PARKSAFE has now developed a new wireless system.
It is said to not only be fast and easy to install, but also comes with technically advanced features such as the compact size LCD Digital Display with accurate distance and direction of objects plus GPS Auto Power ON/Off Speed Controlled Switching, Adjustable Beeper volume and the vehicle’s Battery Voltage.
With the PARKSAFE Wireless System, Burg Design says installation time has been cut to less than one hour.
The Waterproof ECU is mounted in the engine bay and the power + and – can be connected directly to the car battery.
The PARKSAFE sensors come with four specially designed rubber grommets so as to shield the ultrasonic sensors from the metal surface of bumper which then eliminates the possibility of interference and false alarms.
The next and final step is the easy part, says PARKSAFE, it says just find a suitable location on the dashboard to mount the display unit and connect to Acc + and -.
The PARKSAFE Wireless System comes with a three-year warranty.

For further information, please contact Burg Design on 03 9555 9277 or sales@burgdesign.com.au or visit www.burgdesign.com.au