The new light offers a powerful and versatile warning solution

Leading into the busy spring and summer seasons, it is important to ensure that fleets and work trucks are equipped with the latest safety equipment.
ECCO says its new product could help with that effort.
The UltraFlex warning light is advertised as an extremely low-profile directional that delivers an exceptional visual warning.
ECCO says the powerful new light features the most advanced LED and optics technology in the market today.
The UltraFlex is a versatile directional warning light, which comes with 12 dual-colour LEDs in amber and white, which provide extreme SAE Class 1 brightness designed to be seen in all environments.
The light heads are protected in a clear, flexible silicone housing that resists yellowing and warping.
ECCO says that the UltraFlex can be used in a variety of ways in a range of environments from a dark outdoor jobsite to a work truck driving in the bright midday sun. It also features a convenient and powerful steady burn function designed to be used with new and existing builds.
The UltraFlex is engineered to withstand tough outdoor conditions with ingress protection ratings of IP67 and IP69K.

The UltraFlex can be used with or without the two-bolt bezel. This works well for those in need of a bolted-on solution or those who have flat surfaces to work on.
ECCO says that the UltraFlex’s flexible mounting and customised designs allow owners and operators to get back on the road with minimal lead time to meet the workload head on.
The UltraFlex can be mounted on flat or curved surfaces up to 120°, and high bond VHB self-adhesive tape is included with each purchase. It often eliminates the need for costly custom brackets when dealing with those difficult surfaces around vehicle corners and edges.

ECCO says its newest UltraFlex directional for work trucks and fleet vehicles is designed to protect workers throughout the shift and until the job is done.
Like all ECCO products, the new UltraFlex is backed by a no-hassle warranty. ECCO also promises to provide the best Australian customer and technical service support in the industry.

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