SONAX Car Care offers eco-friendly vehicle cleaning products

Committed to sustainable, eco-friendly products and processes, SONAX Car Care is based in Germany and says it makes it a point to be eco-friendly wherever possible in its products and operations.
SONAX says one of its core values is better health for its employees, its customers, and the environment. The company’s product developments and business processes are geared toward sustainability and long-term success.
SONAX states it strives to protect and preserve natural resources and actively contributes to solving environmental problems within the sphere of its influence.
To meet its sustainability goals, SONAX has open and transparent sustainability reporting in place. The company says it is also very mindful of how it allocates its financial resources so that investments meet the needs of today without compromising the resources needed by future generations.
In its operations, SONAX says it uses advanced equipment that was chosen for its significantly lower energy requirements compared to standard machinery. The company also uses a cold mixing process and energy-saving lighting systems.
One of its top priorities is sustainable packaging solutions, which result in 70 percent less waste in the end-user’s consumption.
SONAX explains that it uses recyclable packaging and has been changing over from plastic to cardboard packaging. All canisters are also recyclable, and the company uses recycled plastic and paper where necessary.
SONAX states it also creates products that have an efficient cleaning effect, requiring fewer cleaning cycles, and another focus is on product longevity.
For example, a 250ml bottle yields 25 liters of highly effective windshield cleaning fluid, with SONAX stating this will last for one to two years for car drivers with average milage.
About 90 percent of the total amount of solvents and oils in the company’s products are based on renewable materials, and 25 percent of the surfactants are based on renewable raw materials.
About 47 percent of the complexing agents used in the products, including phosphates, are also from natural materials.
The products are produced by SONAX GmbH Germany, the company’s manufacturing facility in Neuburg.
SONAX says it is committed to maintaining its eco-friendly products and processes and improving where possible. Further, it states that it will always meet or exceed environmental and legislative standards.
The products are imported by Mega Moto Pty Ltd for the Australian and New Zealand markets. These products are reviewed locally and are compliant with local regulations.
One of the most popular products is the SONAX Multistar deep clean concentrate all purpose cleaner. SONAX says it is ideal for use in biological water recycling systems.

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