From Carcadia

With more than 35 years of experience in servicing the automotive industry, Carcadia says it offers an extensive range of products including air fresheners, EV car cables, waterless car wash products and more.

Waterless car wash products: No-H2O
Todays’ customer expects car mechanics will not only service their car, but also return them clean.
With No-H2O it says you can wash the car anywhere at anytime, without even taking the car off the hoist – offering a solution that saves time and money while ensuring you stay aligned with industry trends.
Carcadia explains that its No-H2O product is an innovative waterless car washing product that emulsifies dirt particles and then safely absorbs those particles into a microfibre cloth.
The positive charge in the product combined with a negative charge in the microfibre cloth reportedly creates a highly effective solution to washing cars, motorbikes and bicycles.
Carcadia says the product is scratch-free and does not use water compared to traditional car washes that it says can waste approximately 132 litres per wash.

Special offer for AAAA members
Carcadia is offering a special AAAA members offer – buy a Pro Detailer waterless carwash kit that lasts around 40 car washes and you will receive 36 air fresheners for free. The package is valued at $279 however AAAA members can access it for $135.

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