REDARC offers a range of products to help you complete your setup

Solar power is becoming increasingly popular. Image credit: Aussie Bush Camping.

The importance of solar power in automotive touring setups has never been more popular as travellers endeavour to extract as much power from solar as possible to charge up their batteries to run all those camping essentials and luxuries.
DC-DC Battery Chargers and Battery Management Systems with in-built MPPT
An MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) regulator is integral to efficiently generating solar power. The output from a MPPT solar regulator is optimised by using the maximum current possible at the required voltage, to continuously extract all the power available from the panel.
REDARC says it is particularly useful in varying and low light level situations, such as cloud cover or dusk/dawn, as it will automatically adjust and find the new point at which the solar cell delivers its maximum power output.
MPPT converts the panel voltage to the required output voltage, allowing maximum power to be generated by the panel even if the battery being charged is severely discharged. The result of this is more charge going into the batteries and increased free camping capabilities.
REDARC explains that its BCDC Dual in-vehicle DC-DC chargers and its Manager30 Battery Management System have in-built MPPT solar regulators to deliver the maximum amount of power from the solar panels, even during low light conditions.
They are also equipped with Green Priority Power, so when 12-volt solar power is available, solar power will be used before topping up the output charging current from another source such as mains power or DC vehicle power when on the move.
The Manager30 is a 30A complete Battery Management System that charges and maintains the auxiliary batteries and incorporates AC, DC and solar inputs to achieve the best charge. It is now available with a choice of a standard monitoring screen (BMS1230S3) or a full colour screen with app (BMS1230S3R) displaying the charge status and critical system information.
The in-vehicle BCDC Dual Battery Chargers are compatible with 12V or 24V vehicle systems, standard or variable/smart alternators, and have patented charging profiles for all battery types. There are BCDC Mounting Brackets available to aid installation and designed to suit most popular 4WD vehicles.

Solar panels and blankets
To complete a vehicle integrated set up, REDARC says its Fixed Glass Solar Panels feature a double channel aluminium frame that creates a strong setting for the solar panels, and the tempered glass coating provides extra protection from the elements. With the right mounting kits the user can even adjust the angle to better capture the sunlight.
Alternatively, REDARC says its non-fixed Portable Folding Solar Panels feature A grade Monocrystalline cell technology and adjustable lightweight legs to be angled towards the sun and be moved around as required. It explains the Amorphous and SunPower Cell Solar Blankets are highly portable and lightweight, so they can be easily moved around to capture the maximum amount of sunshine.

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