With Nolathane Upper Control Arms

Lifting your four-wheel drive by even a couple of inches can dramatically enhance its appearance and performance.
However, such modifications come with a set of considerations, particularly regarding your vehicle’s upper control arms (UCAs).
Nolathane says it offers an innovative solution that addresses these concerns effectively.

Understanding Upper Control Arms
In a typical modern 4WD front end, the UCAs play a crucial role. These components, often made from high-grade materials, provide the necessary support and flexibility for your vehicle’s suspension system.

Why upgrade to Nolathane UCAs?
When you lift your vehicle, maintaining proper wheel alignment becomes a challenge.
Nolathane says this is where its upper control arms come into play, stating they are engineered to provide three degrees of caster rectification, which is essential for restoring the caster angle to its optimal range after a lift.
It states this ensures that your vehicle’s handling and stability remain intact, allowing for precise and responsive steering.
Moreover, Nolathane says its UCAs offer enhanced camber adjustment.
Camber, the angle of the wheels relative to the ground, is critical for even tyre wear and overall vehicle stability.
By installing Nolathane UCAs, Nolathane says you can bring the camber angle back to its ideal range, avoiding the adverse effects of improper wheel alignment.

Advanced bushing technology
Nolathane says one of the standout features of its UCAs is the GIIRO bushing technology.
It explains this innovative design includes a series of materials and bushings that allow for smooth and unrestricted movement.
These bushings have undergone extensive testing and development, ensuring they can withstand the rigours of off-road driving.
Nolathane states the GIIRO bushings provide exceptional articulation, allowing the UCAs to move freely without placing undue stress on the inner rubber components.
It says this reduces wear and tear, prolonging the lifespan of the bushings and maintaining optimal performance. The result is a smoother ride with reduced maintenance requirements.

Benefits of Nolathane UCAs
Nolathane notes the following as key benefits of its UCAs:
• Improved alignment: restores caster and camber angles to their optimal range after lifting.
• Enhanced articulation: allows for greater movement and flexibility, crucial for off-road driving.
• Increased clearance: provides more space for the coil-over strut, reducing the risk of contact and damage.
• Durability: high-quality materials and advanced bushing technology ensure long-lasting performance.
For anyone looking to lift their 4WD, Nolathane says its upper control arms offer a comprehensive solution to common alignment and articulation issues.
Whether you’re a workshop professional or a DIY enthusiast, Nolathane says these UCAs provide the necessary adjustments and durability for an improved driving experience.

For more information, visit www.nolathane.com.au