In today’s automotive landscape, the demand for high-performance 4WD components that can withstand extreme conditions is paramount

Among such crucial components, drive belts play a pivotal role in ensuring the efficient transfer of power to various accessories, such as alternators, power steering and more.
Recognising the significance of durability, flexibility, and performance, Gates says its XtremeRunner range introduces an innovative line of belts engineered to excel in the most demanding environments.
Crafted from the highest-grade EPDM compound and a proprietary blend of elastomers, Gates states the XtremeRunner belts stand out as “the epitome of wear resistance in the market.”
“The innovative design ensures exceptional flexibility even under prolonged exposure to high temperatures, setting a new standard for reliability in automotive accessories,” Gates Australia Product Manager – Automotive Replacement, Scott Johnson, said.
“The superior adhesion gum layer further reinforces the composite materials, giving the belt unparalleled durability.
“Unlike conventional drive belts that succumb to wear and lose their effectiveness over time, XtremeRunner belts maintain peak performance throughout their lifespan.
“This resilience translates into optimised power transfer, mitigating issues like belt slip, excessive heat generation, and premature component failure.”
Key advantages of XtremeRunner belts:
• Reinforced Top Cover: offers heightened resistance against damage from foreign objects, ensuring uninterrupted operation.
• Strengthened Tensile Cords: exhibits superior load-carrying capabilities and resistance to elongation, thereby extending belt life and handling high shock loads effectively.
• Patented Elastomers: provides enhanced flexibility and longevity, enhancing overall belt performance.
• Reinforced Adhesion Gum: delivers market-leading durability and fatigue resistance, contributing to an extended service life.
By opting for XtremeRunner belts, Gates says vehicle owners can expect a multitude of benefits, including enhanced power transfer efficiency, quieter operation, and prolonged lifespan of driven pulleys.

“Moreover, these belts offer increased load-carrying capabilities, resilience to shock loads, and protection against damage from external elements, thereby safeguarding the entire belt drive system,” Scott said.
“In addition to maximising battery charging efficiency and minimising spike loads on other belt drive components, XtremeRunner belts ensure reliable performance even in the most challenging conditions.”
Whether subjected to extreme heat or harsh environments, Gates states these belts exhibit unparalleled durability and longevity, providing peace of mind to vehicle owners and mechanics alike.
“XtremeRunner belts represent a premium solution tailored for vehicles exposed to the harshest elements, where performance and reliability are non-negotiable,” Scott said.
“Elevate your vehicle’s performance and durability with XtremeRunner belts, the ultimate choice for 4WD enthusiasts and professionals.”
Gates says it is also important to apply its ‘Protect the Ride’ philosophy of complete system replacement.
All components within the accessory belt drive system (ABDS) are designed to wear together, so when replacing a serpentine belt, it is also recommended you replace the associated tensioner and pulley(s) as well.
Installing a new belt like a Gates XtremeRunner with an old tensioner or pulley can significantly reduce the life of the belt itself, with Gates stating that 99.8 percent of all belt failures are due to another worn component.
It is always recommended to inspect all parts of the ABDS system at 100,000kms and make sure you replace all components by 150,000kms.
By doing this your workshop can reap benefits such as increased sales; improved customer satisfaction by reduced number of comebacks; and less warranty claims.
Another product suitable for 4WD enthusiasts is Gates’ range of 4WD emergency kits.
“These kits are designed to provide drivers with everything they need to tackle unexpected breakdowns,” Scott said.
“Whether on the side of the highway, off-roading in the bush or stranded in an isolated location, a 4WD emergency kit can save the day from an unexpected hose or belt failure.”

Each kit is specifically tailored to cater to 4WD and high kilometer vehicles and is available for a wide range of popular makes including Toyota Hilux and Land Cruiser, Nissan Navara, Ford Ranger, and Mitsubishi Pajero.
Each kit includes a range of essential parts, such as radiator hose(s), V and/or micro-v belts, and hose clamps.
Packaged for compact storage in the vehicle, drivers can replace worn parts wherever they are, giving them peace of mind knowing they have everything they need to navigate any situation that comes their way.
“Let’s take a close look at some of the key components of these 4WD emergency kits,” Scott said.
The hose(s) are manufactured to fit upper and lower radiator applications with OEM specifications and is engineered to resist electrochemical degradation – the leading cause of hose failure.
“The V and/or Micro-V belts on the other hand, feature advanced technology that matches the OE size, construction, and materials to ensure optimal vehicle performance.
“And the hose clamps are designed to provide secure and reliable connections between hoses and fittings.
“But perhaps the best thing about these kits is their convenience.
“With everything packed into a single compact/reusable bag, drivers can easily store the kit in their vehicle and have it on hand whenever they need it.”
When it comes to ensuring a 4WD is ready for any outcome whether on the road or off,
Gates explains it has 4WD specific products designed to operate in the harshest of environments, with the XtremeRunner belts designed to give you long-lasting performance, while keeping a Gates 4WD emergency kit handy in your vehicle can ensure you are prepared if there’s an unfortunate breakdown with the ABDS or cooling system.

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For more information on Gates 4WD emergency kits and other products, go to www.gatesaustralia.com.au