JW Speaker LED Bulb Kits have been engineered to offer a precision beam pattern

Invision Sales says JW Speaker understands a single bulb design cannot meet the wide and varied requirements of each vehicle, which is why the company embarked on a range of specifically designed products.
The engineered globes reportedly achieve the ultimate LED performance in each vehicle application with bulbs optimised for projector and reflector headlights, high beam and low beam and specific vehicles.
“A one globe fits all is simply not good enough with today’s vehicles as it can mean the headlight system won’t perform correctly,” Invision Sales Managing Director, Wayne Blackman, said.
“A globe that is not engineered for a specific headlight system can pull down the overall lighting performance and be dangerous to oncoming drivers.
“Without precisely positioned LED chips and shields, the high and low beam cut off is not exact and can cause uncontrolled light flare.”
Invision Sales says the JW Speaker LED Bulb Kits have been engineered to offer a precision beam pattern, meaning there is no glare for oncoming traffic and gives the driver a full spread of light on the road in the areas they need it. The spread of light is also said to be incredibly even, meaning there are no hot-spots or dark patches across the road.
LED lighting delivers massive advantages to professional drivers, 4WD enthusiasts, transport and mining industries in bulb life, driver comfort and financial savings. On top of that, JW Speaker LED lighting is said to be vibration resistant, will operate in extreme high and low temperatures and delivers the highest quality precision light source for an optimal beam pattern.
Invision Sales says the Model 4000 Evolution is “the ultimate in LED bulb performance, improving headlight output up to 180 percent compared to standard halogen bulbs while the Direct Fit range replaces a standard halogen bulb without extra cabling.”
The range also includes specialist kits, fog, signalling and a comprehensive line-up of round and rectangular inserts. There are also Canbus Harness Kits available which may be required for some vehicles.
With so many options in the range, the JW Speaker LED headlight bulbs are said to be ideal for the car, 4WD, transport, mining and agricultural markets – simply take out the old bulb and plug in the new LED, it’s that easy.
Invision Sales says JW Speaker is a world leading LED lighting manufacturer which produces technologically advanced products for leading OEM and aftermarket customers around the world, with its range of LED products reportedly covering “just about every application imaginable.”

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