With Marlin Workshop Connect V1.1

Megabus continues to invest in the car service industry with the launch of V1.1 of Marlin Workshop Connect, now available in the App Stores.
Megabus says this latest update significantly enhances interactivity and repair order value for consumers through the introduction of Video Inspections.
Technicians can now record video and voice annotations during inspections, providing a comprehensive view of the vehicle’s condition.
These recordings can be notated for clarity and sent to customers via email or SMS, allowing them to review the inspection in a dedicated customer portal.
The platform also facilitates SMS conversations, enabling customers to approve repairs and communicate conveniently.
This advancement builds upon the introduction of Sales Office to Workshop Floor conversations introduced in V1.0, which resulted in workshops utilising the service for an average of 20 daily interactions.
Megabus reports this feature has saved time and increased the effectiveness of communications from the shop floor to the counter.
By integrating these features, Megabus explains Marlin Workshop Connect V1.1 improves transparency, builds trust, and streamlines the entire repair process while customers are kept well-informed and can enjoy a more satisfying service experience.
Moreover, the new Video Inspections feature addresses a common pain point in the automotive service industry: the gap between the workshop and the customer.
Traditionally, customers had to rely on verbal descriptions of issues, often leading to misunderstandings and mistrust.
With video inspections, customers can visually see the issues highlighted by the technician, making the repair process more transparent and easier to understand.
This visual evidence supports the technician’s recommendations, helping customers feel more confident in their decisions.
In addition to enhancing customer trust, the ability to send video and voice-annotated inspections via email or SMS means that customers can make informed decisions more quickly.
They no longer have to wait for a phone call or visit the workshop in person to approve repairs.
This convenience not only speeds up the repair process but also increases customer satisfaction by fitting into their busy lives seamlessly.
Overall, Megabus says the updates in Marlin Workshop Connect V1.1 demonstrate its commitment to leveraging technology to improve the automotive service experience.
By enhancing communication, increasing transparency, and providing more convenient options for customers, Megabus says it continues to set a high standard in the industry, ensuring that all stakeholders benefit from these innovative advancements.

For more information, visit www.megabus.com.au