Since its launch in April last year, the Enviro Box has been embraced by mechanics Australia-wide

Penrite says research has shown that the reasons for the successful uptake include money saved on waste removal, the reduction in landfill waste and the way the Enviro Box stands aide in the effective organisation of workshops.
The Enviro Box is a robust plastic bladder, encased in a sturdy, non-waxed cardboard box. The product is dispensed via a tap, like a wine cask.
Tony from Indy Automotive Repairs in Moorabbin, VIC, says he is delighted with Enviro Box.
“This product is fantastic! We had to empty our general waste bin every week or so due to the amount of empty 20L plastic containers we were throwing out,” Tony said.
“To empty that bin, it costs me $75. Now with Enviro Box, the box is crushed and put into the recycle bin. It takes me about six-eight weeks to fill that one and costs me $6 to empty!”
“Penrite is the first Australian owned and manufactured company to develop and distribute a solution to the plastic packaging for lubricants,” Penrite General Manager Sales and Marketing, Toby Dymond, said.
“Each Penrite Enviro Box used will result in an 85 percent reduction in landfill waste compared to a 20L plastic drum.”
Did you know that you can use the Enviro Box to re-fill a 60 litre drum? That’s right says Penrite.To further reduce cost and clutter in your workshop, the contents of an Enviro Box can be decantated into an empty 60 litre drum, thereby eliminating the need to order another 60 litre drum.
The benefits are:
• Eliminate the expensive cost of disposing of a 60 litre drum by making it reusable.
• Reduce inventory holdings by ordering an Enviro Box to top up , rather than replacing a whole 60 litre drum.
• Avoid having to move a pump from one 60 litre to another mid service by simply re-filling the existing drum.

The Enviro Box nozzle screws onto the Enviro Box bladder and decants in just 45 seconds. All you need is:
• A Penrite 60 litre drum that is a least 50 percent empty (ie has less than 30litres left)
• The same matching 20 litre Enviro Box product
• An Enviro Box Nozzle
The Enviro Box range has expanded further to include Penrite’s best-selling products, which have been in high demand to be available in the Enviro Box packaging since the concept’s release. The Enviro Box range now includes the following engine oils:

In addition, the following products are also available in Enviro Box:

“The range will expand again soon to cater for the growing demand in this new packaging,” Toby said.
“Penrite again leads the way, not only in quality product and superior customer service, but also packaging innovation.”

To find out more about Penrite Oil Company and the Penrite Enviro Box, talk to your Penrite rep or phone Penrite on 1300 736 748.