The latest innovative development from Bendix

Australian innovator and technology leader in braking systems, Bendix, has announced the latest Ceramic technology “EV-Hybrid” brake pads to meet the changing needs of EV braking systems.
It says the new Bendix EV-Hybrid brake pads are cleaner and greener for the environment.
Made from organic materials for minimal environmental impact, the new EV-Hybrid brake pads have been specifically designed in the Bendix Ballarat R&D department.
The new pads are said to ensure a low environmental impact while ensuring low dust and noise levels.
Bendix says this new development ensures low particle emissions when braking resulting in cleaner wheels and longer disc brake rotor life.
The new brake pads have been specifically formulated for electric and hybrid vehicles, for quiet braking and low noise, with excellent vehicle range availability to be announced before years end.
The Bendix EV-Hybrid brake pads are made from copper-free organic brake friction materials and are certified to the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA) ‘N’ rating.
Bendix says this rating confirms the Bendix EV-Hybrid brake pads contain less than 0.5 percent of copper by weight and permits Bendix to use the AASA LeafMark ‘N’ icon.
Certification as ‘N’ rated under the AASA LeafMark reportedly backs Bendix’s commitment to copper-free brake pads, to minimise environmental impact.
“The AASA LeafMark for friction materials represents one of the most stringent environmental standards for brake materials (US based) and the Bendix EV Hybrid material has been tested and accredited by an independent lab and certified to meet this high standard. Bendix has decided to go down this path to further advance its corporate environmental credentials as an environmentally progressive company to be prepared for the future,” Bendix Product Manager, Ian Campbell, said.
“The brake pads packaging come in FSC Certified (FSC C129869). Packaging with FSC Mix Certified means at least 70 percent of this packaging comes from FSC certified or recycled material, while 30 percent is made from controlled wood. This is also helping to minimise impact to the environment, and is 100 percent kerbside recyclable.”
Bendix says a further advantage of the newly developed EV-Hybrid brake pads is that they incorporate the Bendix Green Titanium Stripe for instant friction without the need for bedding in the brakes on installation, saving both time and money for both the installer and the customer.

For more information, visit www.bendix.com.au