BAPCOR Limited has spent three years developing and actioning the company’s four pillar Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy

Australia and the Asia Pacific’s largest automotive aftermarket specialist, BAPCOR says its detailed ESG strategy and its related action plans outline the Australian company’s solid commitment to corporate responsibility and highly effective governance throughout all of its automotive aftermarket industry operations across Australia, New Zealand and in Thailand.
The importance placed by BAPCOR in the implementation of a world class ESG strategy saw the Australian company join the United Nations Global Compact in early 2020, ensuring that all facets of its ESG strategy are aligned directly to the highest global standards of corporate, social and environmental responsibility.   

Of primary importance in BAPCOR’s ESG strategy is ensuring that the company’s many thousands of automotive aftermarket products are sourced from highly ethical suppliers.  
The second pillar of BAPCOR’s ESG strategy is the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability; while strong, highly effective and responsible corporate governance represents the strategy’s third pillar.  

The fourth and final pillar of BAPCOR’s ESG strategy is the company’s local community support across its entire footprint of over 1,100 stores, wholesale operations and automotive service centres across Australia, New Zealand, and Thailand.
According to BAPCOR Limited Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Darryl Abotomey, the establishment and actioning of BAPCOR’s detailed ESG strategy has been a highly rewarding process.  

For more on BAPCOR’s ESG strategy, please visit and watch out for further info in the August edition’s environmentally friendly feature.