Certified space technology for your diesel engine

Over 21 years ago, NASA faced a very serious situation and closure when the traction bearings in the Shuttle Crawler broke down due to carrying the heaviest object in the world out to the launching pad.
Soon after, Burg Design explains that the engineers and industrial chemists at NASA and the X-1R Corporation got together to see if they could develop a unique lubricating grease that could help resolve this major problem.
This is what they did and the rest is history; and soon after NASA and X-1R Corporation joined forces in the development of what Burg Design calls “the most technological and proven range of lubricants in the world” which are reportedly now used daily in all parts of the space program.
The program isn’t just useful when it comes to space exploration, with major vehicle makers such as Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai and Proton said to be using X-1R additives in engines and transmissions.
Essential diesel treatments
All diesel engines require special consideration when it comes to keeping them running at peak performance and so the team at NASA and X1R have put together a unique three-part maintenance package consisting of the X1R Engine Oil Treatment plus the X1R Diesel System Treatment plus the X1R Diesel System Cleaner with Power Booster product.
Burg Design says the results are astounding, offering increased engine life and much smoother running overall. It says the benefits and advantages of each of these products are as follows:

  • X1R Engine Treatment: noticeably improves overall performance; increases engine life by reducing friction up to 95 percent thus almost eliminating cold starts; reduces engine noise; reduces fuel consumption and increases horsepower.
  • X1R Diesel System Treatment: dramatically improves the quality of diesel fuel and greatly extends its life in storage by eliminating bacteria thus giving you a much smoother and quieter running engine with reduced smoke and smell.
  • X1R Diesel System Cleaner: effectively removes all carbon deposits; cleans, conditions and lubricates injectors; restores lost power; dramatically reduces emissions; reduces fuel consumption; and stops engine run-on.

X-1R is a Certified Space Technology and is an inductee in the NASA Space Technology Hall of Fame.

The X-1R range is available to purchase online at and For more information, contact