Different from traditional aftermarket items

The amazing technology being developed in the electric vehicle sector is sparking some very cool aftermarket accessories, particularly for lucky Tesla owners.
As discussed in the Performance edition earlier this year, traditional accessories like chrome delete kits, wheel centre caps and ceramic paint is commonplace. Many EV drivers are also installing wireless phone charging pads, floor mats, roof racks and, as developed by EVolution, tow bars.
What’s interesting though, are the EV early adopters designing accessories to enhance the performance and pleasure of silent, low-emission driving.
EVUp says its specialist EV mechanic at its Melbourne workshop recently installed an American-designed and manufactured microdisplay that fits snugly within the Tesla Model 3 and Y dashboard air vent, without cluttering the minimalistic aesthetic of the interior.
This modular wifi unit can show a huge range of different signals from a Tesla, but is programmed for the client to show the battery power bargraph, battery kW, speed, motor torque and a torque bargraph.
While versions of drag performance meters have been around forever, the Tesla microdisplay is a crowd-tested LED bargraph that’s been grassroots prototyped by an enterprising Tesla owner. EVUp says if it can be modified and applied to other EVs and the highly visual style could help drivers new to electric driving feel more confident about the most common concern: battery state of charge.

From a workshop perspective, starting to think about how you’ll service the growing EV market is important.
EVUp says its ownership data from FCAI figures shows a low 0.1 percent market share for electric and plug in hybrid electric vehicles in 2020, but a huge annual compound growth rate of over 70 percent.
One simple step is to install reliable EV charging at your workshop to provide a battery top up following servicing. EV drivers will preference businesses and locations that offer charging, often sharing these sites on social media.
EVUp says its AURIGA EV unit supplies a 7kW charge rate and can be purchased as a portable unit for neat storage in a busy workshop environment. It is made right here in Australia and supports local greentech jobs and innovation.
EVUp says it is building a network of EV charging infrastructure across Australia. It says that to future proof your business, you should give its team a call to find out more about Australian-made electric vehicle charging products.

For more information, visit www.evup.com.au or contact Emma Sutcliffe on emma@evup.com.au or 1300 EVUP 00.