For the GR Yaris

The Queen’s Enterprise Award winning company has launched its signature Carbon Fibre Intake for the new Toyota GR Yaris and is coming to Australia through Scuderia Autoart.
An icon was born with the new GR Yaris and now Eventuri has developed a unique carbon fibre intake system for the new rally homologation model from Toyota.
Launched globally, the carbon fibre intake is now available in Australia through Scuderia Autoart, the official importer and distributor of bespoke performance brands from around the world.
From passion for cars and performance, Eventuri was founded by a team of engineers and enthusiasts with a background in Aeronautics and says it has established itself as a global benchmark in its segment.
Transferring its technology and expertise, Eventuri has specially designed and engineered each component of the intake to provide the turbo with a smooth and free flowing path.
With glossy and matte carbon finish variants, the GR Yaris intake has been developed through extensive data logging of temperatures, flow rates and dyno testing.
Since the all-wheel-drive sports car comes with a turbocharged engine, heat and volume were the main considerations during development and has been designed to offer the highest possible flow rate whilst maintaining the lowest intake temperatures possible.
By ensuring a sealed system, Eventuri says it has improved on the Intake Air Temperatures of the OEM airbox whilst increasing the internal volume to reduce the pressure drop, and therefore reduced pumping losses of the turbo, allowing it to operate more efficiently and reach peak boost sooner to increase performance.
Going into the numbers, the intake reportedly achieves a performance increase of 11.2kW and 24Nm that has been tested by various reputable tuners globally who have all reported similar results.
These results show an increase in torque and power across the entire RPM range, not just at the peak RPM, explaining why the car feels more responsive and is able to accelerate faster through the gears.
The GR Yaris intake system uses the Eventuri Patented Carbon fibre Housing, which provides an aerodynamically efficient airflow path from the filter to the turbo. Due to its unique design, the intake invokes the Venturi effect and maintains laminar flow conditions to reduce the drag on the turbo.
After high demand for performance parts for the new GR Yaris, the first deliveries will arrive at the end of June 2021 through Scuderia Autoart and its nationwide dealer network.

For more information, visit www.scuderia-autoart.com