Exedy says these are ‘Tuff’ clutches for serious performance

Drawing on their extensive Original Equipment experience and rich motorsport heritage, Exedy says its Sports Tuff range of performance clutches is perfect for applications requiring extra torque capacity.
“Our extensive Sports Tuff range has been designed for drivers who have modified their engines to deliver more performance with the confidence they need to get the torque to the ground reliably,” Exedy Senior Product Manager, Mark Davis, said.
EXEDY’s extensive Sports Tuff Range offers solutions to for a wide variety of applications.
“The Sports Tuff range is one of our largest. It includes clutch kits covering the full spectrum of uses and performance requirements, for those who just need additional torque capacity for towing, right through to the driver who has seriously increased their engine torque output,” Mark said.
The range offers three levels of performance to ensure there’s a clutch kit that’s right for your specific application:
· HD Sports Tuff – the HD suffix indicates that they are suitable for Heavy Duty applications. This entry level clutch offers value for money and is suitable for everyday driving, off-roading, towing as well as street and performance applications.
· Heavy Duty Cushion Button selection – a cerametallic friction material clutch disc which further increases torque capacity. To ensure the action isn’t too aggressive, cushioning segments between the facings are incorporated, similar to a standard OEM type disc. This offers improved driveability when compared to conventional ceramic button type discs and means that they are still suitable for both street and performance applications.
· The Heavy Duty Button range – boasting the highest torque capacity of the range. Also features a cerametallic friction material clutch disc, but the difference is in the application of the buttons. To deliver maximum performance, Exedy has riveted the cerametallic friction material directly to a robust coupling plate.
Every Exedy HD Sports Tuff kit includes a high clamping force Exedy Sports Tuff clutch cover, a clutch disc lined with organic friction material and a clutch thrust release bearing.
“We chose an organic friction material specifically for the HD range as it delivers a smoother clutch engagement which makes it more comfortable for daily drives,” added Mark.
With three levels of performance, Exedy says its Sports Tuff range is certainly the first point of call for those drivers looking to upgrade clutch performance.
To leverage the growing popularity of bolt on performance modifications, EXEDY also offers the Devil Clutch. Designed to handle significantly higher torque loads whilst maintaining smooth engagement and low pedal effort, the Devil Clutch range is limited to a handful of popular vehicles where a requirement for a specialised clutch system exists.

Exedy says it has taken its ‘No 1 for Clutch’ message to the racing circuits of Europe and The United States with professional Drift driver Karolina Pilarczyk, the double champion of Queen of Europe in 2016 and 2017.
In 2019, Karolina took part in over 20 Motorsports events and 17 rounds around the world. She closed an intense season, conquering the 9th position among almost 100 of the best drivers in Europe in the European Vce Champion in the women’s league. Besides, Karolina was the only woman from Europe taking part in Formula Drift in the United States.
“While I’m drifting, I use many techniques that require using a clutch that is strong, reliable and durable. Our choice us Exedy clutch,” Karolina said.

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