The range showcases an industry-first wear indicator feature

Bendix’s popular General CT range has expanded with the addition of new Bendix Disc Brake Rotors which introduce industry-first technology for Australian and New Zealand markets.
The new Bendix General CT rotors are designed to provide reliable, durable and confidence inspiring braking performance for ‘everyday’ passenger vehicles, and debut Bendix’s new SwiftCheck innovation, a market first innovation.
SwiftCheck provides a fast and convenient visual indicator of rotor wear, letting motor trade professionals estimate remaining rotor life without the need to measure rotor thickness, allowing them to decide on part replacement.
The feature also provides added convenience and peace of mind for vehicle owners, who can inspect the rotors themselves and take appropriate action if needed, such as when preparing for an extended driving holiday or similar.
SwiftCheck is a machined feature that creates circular grooves on the rotor surface that narrow and disappear progressively as the rotor wears.
Once the wear indicator displays a singular dot in the centre, this indicates it is time for the rotor to be changed.
Along with providing this time-saving feature, Bendix says its General CT Disc Brake Rotors excel when it comes to braking performance.
The range features high quality metallurgy that is designed for longevity and improved heat dissipation.
Bendix says the range also delivers an ‘E+ Original Equipment Fit’ that is designed to be a direct replacement for OE rotors, stating they meet or exceed OE specifications and deliver confidence for both workshops and vehicle owners.
General CT Disc Brake Rotors were developed by Bendix to provide great results with all disc brake pad formulations, but for optimum performance, they’re best matched with the Bendix range of brake pads.
As with Bendix’s other disc brake rotor product lines, General CT rotors feature SwiftFit surface protection.
SwiftFit is a coating that allows the rotor to be fitted without needing to remove oils. SwiftFit also helps prevent corrosion of the rotor resulting in an almost unlimited shelf life and a rust-free rotor.

Clever new packaging
Bendix’s strong focus on sustainability sees the General CT Disc Brake Rotor range adopt FSC Certified exterior packaging, which is suitable for curbside recycling.
For the first time on any Bendix packaging, the General CT Disc Brake Rotor box also contains fitting instructions in the form of an illustrative guide, which should be used along with vehicle specific information provided by the OE manufacturer during installation.
Another new feature of the packaging on most rotors within the General CT range is the introduction of ‘Easy Lift’ finger holes. These are pre-punctured holes that allow each box to be picked up and handled more ergonomically and easily.
Bendix’s new General CT Disc Brake Rotor range is available to suit a wide selection of both late and early model passenger cars, four-wheel drives and light commercial vehicles.

For a full overview of compatible vehicles and more information, visit www.bendix.com.au