Front Cover now available

Tough-As Products says it is proud to add the Front Cover to its ever-expanding range of products for Mechanical Work Shops and Crash Shops.
The Front Cover complements the recently released Fender Guard and together, the products provide a full frontal protection system for mechanics to use whilst servicing vehicles.
“This range extension has come from the success of the Fender Guard launch with satisfied customers asking for an additional cover to protect the front of the car as well,” Tough-As Co-Director, Darren Lee, said.
“Being a customer-driven company, we were only too happy to design and release the Front Cover onto the market. With all the testing completed already with the Fender Guard it was a logical step.”
Carrying over the majority of the design features of the Fender Guard, the Front Cover is made from premium grade Marine Vinyl and non-marking cloth, has two seams to hold tools and a weighted hem to keep the cover in place. It is a generous size at 1030mm wide by 750mm deep.
The cover fits all makes and models of cars from small hatchbacks to large four-wheel drives.
Tough-As Products designs and manufactures all of its products in Australia and is in its fourth year of operation.
All Front Covers are available on-line at www.tough-as.com.au or from selected retailers. To save money, also available is a Protection Pack which combines two Fender Guards and one Front Cover into one convenient pack.

For more information please check visit www.tough-as.com.au or call 1800 775 843.