A new product now available from Burg Design

Burg Design says Extra Power Titan was presented to its team in 2023 for testing and evaluation.
“Being very serious petrol heads, we were all very sceptical of the manufacturer’s claims of the big improvements especially promoted on older vehicles, being extra power, faster engine starting, improved fuel economy and smoother, stronger acceleration. However, we decided to conduct our own tests on a 1994 Porsche 968CS,” Burg Design Managing Director, Ray Graham, said.  
“This particular model was chosen as it is a well-known fact that especially older motor vehicles which have the engine and battery at opposite ends (Porsche 968CS) are well known to suffer from slower engine cranking, starting and rough idling.
“Already knowing how my Porsche 968CS model performs very well having owned it since near new, it was the perfect choice for the initial test and so the Extra Power Device was installed on the battery and then driven on a round trip of just over 80 kilometres.
“My first impression was very positive as the engine started much faster and the idling was far smoother than ever before.
“The feeling I got was as if the car had just been installed with some type of Electronic Ignition System.
“During the test drive it became very noticeable that it was running far smoother and more responsive than I can ever remember and I would have loved to have been able to conduct a fuel consumption test both with and without the Extra Power Device, but unfortunately this model does not have a fuel monitoring gauge. 
“We then decided to order 50 more samples for further testing to be conducted on various older-classic cars and then later model vehicles ranging from 1964-2023.
“All of the older models tested were by the vehicle owners who reported very positively the overall running improvements on 1964-1997 models.
“The test vehicles from 2004-2015 had fuel metering gauges as standard and the owners also reported improved running and lower fuel consumption.
“At this stage we are still yet to conduct testing on models later than 2015, however so far the testing has so far proven the advantages of Extra Power Titan to owners of older cars.”
So how does Extra Power Titan work? Ray explains, “your car’s ignition voltage is not stable, it has peaks and valleys. There are two IC chips inside Extra Power Titan which in combination produce a unique AI-controlled AC current. This provides an additional AC voltage which increases your ignition voltage. The results are greater ignition efficiency and more power. You will feel it especially when overtaking, going up steep slopes and accelerating.”

For more information, contact Burg Design on 03 9555 9277 or sales@burgdesign.com.au