New and unique to the market

Burg Design says the Fastback Pro allows technicians to easily and safely manoeuvre over floor grates, air hoses and even unpaved driveways.
This patented garage creeper reportedly offers excellent comfort, handling and full control for an ideal working position without the user having to grab the underside of the vehicle being worked on to pull themselves up and around. 
The two seven-inch All Terrain wheels are both in a “positive camber” configuration and provide the capability to easily spin and manoeuvre. 
Further, the Fastback wheels have a dual tread tyre profile suitable for both smooth and rough surfaces.
The Fastback also has dual level adjustment for low or high ground clearance and thanks to its low centre of gravity, Burg Design says a rollover is physically impossible.
Burg Design explains that the Fastback features a strong and durable heavy duty blow moulded HDPE shell with a very comfortable ergonomic shape and a soft polyurethane headrest.
Also featured are tool trays in the armrests, two built-in removable magnetic work lights and two magnetic small parts trays.
Also available as an optional extra is a lockable wall mounted bracket.
The Fastback Pro Garage Creeper is protected by a two-year warranty.

For more information, contact Burg Design on 03 9555 9277 or