Aeroflow Performance Fuel Pumps and Triple Pump Hangers

So, you have done some engine upgrades, and now you need to make sure you have enough fuel feeding the monster, but you also want to keep your current factory tank or fuel cell.
Aeroflow Performance says it has you covered, stating it offers a great range of electric fuel pumps to suit all horsepower requirements, which can also be grouped to deal with extreme horsepower requirements.
Aeroflow says it also now offers in-tank fuel pump hangers to suit factory VE/VF Commodore tanks and universal fuel cells. Able to hold from one to three pumps, these hangers are designed to bolt into your existing tank with only simple wiring and plumping modifications required.
Aeroflow Performance says it is proud to introduce this direct fit bolt in in-tank fuel module for the Holden Commodore VE-VF.
With modern Commodores being tuned to amazing power levels thanks to E85, Aeroflow says this module is capable of holding up to three x 40mm diameter fuel pumps at a time. It says this will perfectly support power levels from standard all the way to 1800hp while still retaining the factory fuel tank with all standard seals, lock rings and internal crossover lines.
It also allows you to reuse the OEM fuel level sender for complete compatibility with factory electronics and features a hermetic wire pass through for “absolutely no chance” for fuel smells/leaks into the cabin while still upgrading to the necessary larger wires.
The Aeroflow billet triple pump hangers hold up to three EFI pumps and is available to suit 40mm and 60mm fuel pumps. Now you can upgrade your fuel delivery system without having to replace or customise your fuel cell.
The Aeroflow triple pump hanger replaces the standard fuel cell filler cap and is a straight bolt in item. The billet hanger has a built-in fuel cap and has the ability to mount one, two or three 40mm or 60mm diameter fuel pumps depending on which part number you purchase. It is CNC machined from billet 6061-T6 aluminium with a black anodized option for maximum durability and corrosion protection against E85/Methanol.
Aeroflow says its electric fuel pump range incorporates a vast array of options to suit your horsepower requirements, from 044 style pumps that can handle up to 675HP to in-tank styles that can feed over 800hp. Most of these pumps are OEM replacement upgrades that can be used individually or mated together in one of Aeroflow’s triple pump hangers to sustain up to 1800hp.
Aeroflow states that its pumps have superior flow throughout a wide pressure range, noting that the internal design of the fuel pump is extremely quiet in operation compared to the older style fuel pumps.
The pumps are compatible with all fuels such as pump fuel, all types of race fuel and E85. Depending on which pump you buy, the Aeroflow Performance fuel pump comes with filter inlet sock, wiring pigtail, small length of rubber hose (submersible in all fuel types), two clamps to suit rubber hose and two straight crimp connectors.

For more information on all Aeroflow Products and your nearest distributor and installer, visit www.aeroflowperformance.com or call 02 8825 1900.