Fersa’s cutting-edge solutions for heavy-duty trucks and electric vehicles

The Spanish corporation Fersa explains that it specialises in the design, manufacture and distribution of mobility solutions, high-performance bearings, and electromechanical components for the OEM, T1 and Aftermarket sectors of automotive, industrial, and energy applications.
Fersa Bearings, one of the brands of Fersa, specialises in heavy-duty vehicle bearings and Powertrain solutions for European and American truck applications, offering innovative, complete, and high-quality solutions manufactured in Spain for the rebuilding, maintenance, and repair of heavy-duty vehicles.
Fersa Bearings is currently offering solutions such as its Clutch System, its AMT and Differential Rebuilding Kits and its Wheel-End Sets, which Fersa says are the perfect fit to repair the most popular American transmission and differential applications, as well as the most widely used wheel-end axles with high-performance bearing sets, complete hubs, seals and spacers for heavy-duty trucks.
Meanwhile, another of the group’s brands, PFI Bearings, specialises in high-quality bearings for electric cars, vans, and light commercial vehicles.
Fersa and PFI Australia’s distribution warehouse is based in Melbourne allowing for fast delivery of its products via its wholesale partners. PFI also lists its entire product range on the popular Oscar catalogue, which is widely used throughout Australia and New Zealand, and the Fersa product range is constantly being updated. PFI has also released a brand-new e-catalogue, which can be found on its website, while Fersa’s online catalogue can be accesses via its website.
The catalogues for both brands offer support to the greatest part of the automotive market, giving solutions for automated transmissions and high-efficiency differentials for trucks, as well as for electric vehicles’ Drive Units and Compressors. 
Fersa is headquartered in Zaragoza, Spain, and is present on five continents, with a global workforce of more than 850 employees and a global structure that includes six state-of-the-art production centers, 19 distribution centers and four international R&D centers, to support and service customers in more than 100 countries.

For more information, visit www.fersa.com or www.pfibearings.com