From Terrain Tamer

Terrain Tamer has recently released two new kits, featuring vehicle specific air filter inserts designed to help combat the issue of dusting.
Terrain Tamer explains that the original design of the airbox, or upper filter housing, of some Toyota LandCruiser models features a seal surface which is too narrow to match the seal of the filter itself.
As a result, the filter is not able to be fully effective, as it does not properly seal.
This allows dust to pass through the airbox and enter the engine intake, causing havoc with engine components.
To combat this problem, Terrain Tamer has developed a Design Protected range of stainless-steel filter inserts.
When fitted, these inserts create a surface area to perfectly match the filter, aligning in the correct position to seal effectively and reduce the issue of dusting.
The inserts are available for the LandCruiser Prado 120/150 series, VDJ76/78/79, and VDJ200 models.
They come in a kit, which also includes the corresponding air filter, as well as sealant required for fitting.

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