The business became a Bosch Car Service workshop in 2003

Upon starting in the automotive industry in 1987, Nigel Oborne and Peter Brooks quickly learned that most people wanted to find a qualified and trustworthy mechanic.
By 1994, the trade professionals became directors of their own automotive business, trading as First Class Automotives, and specialising in the service and repair of European vehicles.
They started out with a small workshop in Burswood, Western Australia, before their commitment and dedication started paying off only four years later, when they could move to a bigger and more modern workshop.
Growth continued year on year and by early 2014, they had expanded into the other half of their strata building, and then in 2003, the dynamic duo made a major decision.
“Coming from a trade background, the energy was there, but we both lacked the formal business qualifications required to move our business forward,” Peter said.
“This is when partnering with Bosch to become a Bosch Car Service workshop in 2003 gradually assisted us in carving out the future we both hoped for.
“Keeping our business identity, we aligned ourselves to the largest network of independent workshops known all over the world – The Bosch Car Service network!
“The brand association naturally meant that our clients could always trust our competence to provide dedicated and professional first-class service.”
“As we like to specialise in European manufactured vehicles, it was not always easy to find information necessary for vehicle repairs,” Nigel said.
“With Bosch, we’ve always had access to state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and training to meet everchanging vehicle technology.
“Our team pride themselves on providing the very best client service and focus on vehicle safety and reliability.”
“Our business management style has also evolved over the years, and we thank Bosch for their business training, which has encouraged us to do better,” Peter said.
“As we celebrate our twenty-year milestone, we can now reflect on the years with great satisfaction. The partnership with Bosch will continue, well into the future!”
Bosch congratulates Peter and Nigel on this milestone and looks forward to many more years of partnership while inviting readers to consider the thought of partnering with them.

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