ColorSpec is pleased to offer its professional grade refinish system to the market

Nothing beats getting new accessories for your 4WD, such as a set of beefy wheel arch flares to cover those fat, knobby tyres. Maybe you’ve fitted a heavy-duty front bar, or even a new sun visor.
What’s not so great is how the colour of your new bits, don’t match your vehicle’s body colour.
Traditionally, addressing this would require hundreds and hundreds of dollars along with a trip to the local panel shop. But ColorSpec says that thanks to its professional grade refinish system, that isn’t the case anymore.
“We’re not talking about some generic, sort of close-ish, off-the-shelf paint,” MotorActive’s Matthew Bowen (Technical Sales and Support) said.
“We’re talking precise-matched paint – in the convenience of an aerosol! The key is having the paint custom mixed using the vehicle’s alpha-numeric paint code.
“Using this code, the paint technician at your local SuperCheap Auto store will mix the vehicle’s colour in a 300g aerosol can – while you wait!”
You can check the ColorSpec website for information on how to locate and identify a vehicle’s factory paint code.
Each 300g can of ColorSpec Base Coat Colour is capable of attaining full coverage over an area of up to one square meter.
“If you’re more interested in using a contrasting colour – as opposed to matching the factory colour, that’s no problem, ColorSpec again has you covered,” Matthew said.
“Simply choose any one of the 565 luxury colours from the Signature Series. Just ask the Supercheap Auto paint technician to view the ColorSpec colour fan.”
Being a Clear-Over-Base (COB) refinishing system (the same system used by vehicle manufacturers), ColorSpec says it is vital the Base Coat colour be finished off with a couple of coats of clear – either Acrylic Clear Coat, or Deep Crystal Clear.
The clear not only seals the BaseCoat, it also brings up the shine. Without clear, the BaseCoat dries completely matte with no gloss, no UV protection and poor durability (i.e. it will quickly fade and deteriorate).
In addition to Primer Surfacer, the ColorSpec line-up also includes Etch Primer for larger, bare metal parts and Plastic Primer for all those raw plastic parts. ColorSpec explains that on previously painted parts you can go straight to Primer Surfacer.
ColorSpec recommends that you take your time with each of the cleaning, sanding and painting steps in ColorSpec’s easy-to-follow three-step process, stating there is no reason any competent DIYer can’t create a full-on professional-looking finish.

For more information, visit or call 1800 804 182.