A seasonal staple in Flashlube’s ever-growing range of additives

Heading into winter, diesel vehicle drivers face the threat of having their fuel experience gelling due to the plummeting temperatures, particularly when heading into regions such as Victoria’s High Country or the New South Wales Snowy Mountains.
A seasonal staple in its ever-growing range of additives, Flashlube says its Winter Fuel Formula is an inexpensive and efficient solution to the problems presented by these extreme winter conditions and can provide those who are braving the Alpine regions with much needed peace of mind.
Diesel fuel crystallises and gels in cold temperatures, and diesel fuel gelling, also referred to as clouding, can be catastrophic, causing an array of issues, such as fuel and filter line blockages, a rough running engine, issues with hard starting and in extreme cases even complete shutdowns.
Not only can this impact the journey and incur some unwanted expenses, it can also prove dangerous, leaving a driver stranded in the extreme cold.
Whether a fleet operator, a long-haul truck driver, or simply a recreational 4WDrive owner relying on diesel power to get through the colder months, Flashlube says diesel drivers can rest assured that their engines will be protected against these issues with Flashlube Winter Fuel Formula acting to stop gelling, protect the engine and ultimately provide a smoother journey.
For best results, it is recommended that drivers begin using Winter Fuel Formula one week before their trip. 100ml treats 50L of fuel.

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