Enhance the performance of your Ford Focus with SuperPro bushings and a sway bar kit

It is well known throughout the automotive industry and in the aftermarket community that the Ford Focus handles extremely well straight from the factory.
SuperPro says it believes that everything can be perfected and with the help of its engineering team, it says it has taken the Ford Focus to that next level. 
With improved steering geometry, alignment, handling, vehicle response and overall driving performance, SuperPro says adding SuperPro suspension parts to the Ford Focus significantly improves its driving capability.

Ford Focus Enhancement Bushings
SuperPro bushings are generally an enhancement bushing upgrade, designed to always correct alignment and enhance your vehicle’s performance.
Designed based on application, SuperPro says its bushings are “purpose built to outperform any other bushing on the market.”
It says its Ford Focus bushings are no exception, with a range of Ford Focus control arm bushings that will reportedly give you better handling and more direct response in all driving conditions. Key benefits include:
• Maintained steering geometry
• Enhanced handling and ride characteristics
• A safer vehicle with more grip
• Improved tyre wear, fuel efficiency and reduced running costs
• Lifetime warranty
SuperPro bushings are made from a proprietary polyurethane mix, tested and refined over 40+ years to suit Australia’s harsh conditions.
Using a team of highly skilled suspension technicians and engineers, SuperPro says it creates some of the best and most innovative suspension bushing products which are globally tested and sold in every continent. Because of this, SuperPro says it is very comfortable offering a lifetime warranty on all its bushings. 

Ford Focus Sway Bar Kit Upgrades
RCRS0095KIT is SuperPro’s complete sway bar kit for the Ford Focus and the company says it is one of the best “bang for your buck” upgrades.
SuperPro states that its sway bars are some of the best in the world, used globally by enthusiasts and professionals alike. Key benefits include:
• Fully Adjustable Design
• Race Spec Chromoly with powder coating
• Sharper Steering and less body roll
• Lifetime warranty
SuperPro says its Ford focus sway bars offer complete adjustability, giving you and your Ford Focus over 75 percent of adjustment both in the front and rear.
Further, it says its sway bars for the Ford Focus have been designed to correct understeer and oversteer, correcting body roll and allowing your tyres to maintain more grip on the road when cornering. 

Ford Focus Adjustable Sway Links
SuperPro’s Ford Focus Adjustable Sway Links are designed to maximise the benefit of Roll Control Adjustable Sway Bars and to be used in place of that hard to find OE link. Key features include:
• 6060-T5 Alloy Link
• Large Ball for low friction and long life
• Spanner provision for on-car adjustment
• Eliminates sway bar link flex
• Allows for neutral sway bar positioning
• Maximises all positions on adjustable Sway Bars
• Suits lowered or raised vehicles

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