From Burg Design

The new generation Ford Mustang is now a very popular model in our Australian market and as such many special accessories are now available for those owners wishing to upgrade the performance and appearance.
However, Burg Design says one important item seems to have been forgotten on the latest models fitted with the quad four exhaust tail pipes.
The specialist designer and developer of many unique Auto Accessories over the past 50 years has developed a set of four big and bold Euro style exhaust tips for the Mustang that it says only take a few minutes to install.
Burg Design states that the transformation offered by installing these tips “is simply amazing.”
Apart from the stunning improvement in appearance, these new Burg Design Mustang exhaust tips are said to be very functional.
Burg Design explains that the standard angle cut four pipes have very sharp edges and it is very easy to end up with serious nicks and cuts on your hands by simply washing/detailing this model.
By installing the Burg Design tips, the company says you can eliminate this potential problem while dramatically improving the rear end styling of the Mustang.
The new Mustang tips were designed in Melbourne and Burg Design says they have been manufactured to the highest quality standards possible using chrome plated stainless steel and are designed to last the life of the car.
Burg Design Pty Ltd is located at 28 Bignell Road Moorabbin in Victoria.

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