Industry stalwart recognised for his services to the Industry

GUD Automotive CEO Bob Pattison was inducted into the AAAA Hall of Fame at the 2019 AAAA Expo Gala Awards Banquet.
Bob started in the automotive industry in 1971, having held positions with Senior Sales and Marketing and General Management roles with Ford, International Harvester, Nissan and Calsonic International.
Bob has previously been a member of the Board of the Federation of Automotive Product Manufacturers and he has also served on the AAAA National Council. He joined the Council in 2006 and served for 12 years including three years as Vice President and he held the role as President from 2012 to 2015.
Some of the AAAA achievements that Bob steered the Council to include the Association buying its own building, launching the Choice of Repairer campaign and securing funding for the Auto Innovation Lab and overseeing the tripling of the size of the membership, and a 10-fold increase in the Association’s financial reserves.
“This is totally unexpected and somewhat humbling,” Bob said when he took to the stage of the Gala Awards Banquet.
“It is somewhat unnerving after listening to the highlights of (fellow 2019 inductee) John Blanchard Senior’s career, but I have had the good fortune of being in the automotive industry for the past 48 years and I have to say that the past 15 years that I have been associated with the aftermarket have certainly been the most rewarding and the most exciting.
“I believe that it is a credit to the industry when we have a look at today’s trade show and look back at where we have come from.
“It is a fantastic industry because it has such a broad cross-section. I don’t know of any other industry Association that has manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, distributors and workshops. It is a great industry and everyone in this room should be very proud of it.
“The Association has done a fantastic job. The Choice of Repairer is such a challenge for us to keep the industry viable, but I know that in 2019, I have great confidence that the AAAA National Council and the head office, led by Stuart (Charity) will finally break through and we will get the legislation that we are looking for and we will put an end to the discrimination that the car companies have given to us.
“The AAAA is on the cusp of being, if it is not already, the premier automotive industry body. With the demise of the OEM industry, the AAAA is the only industry body that can truly be the engine room for the automotive industry going forward.
“I have great confidence that when we look back in the next 10 to 12 years that we will be very, very proud that the AAAA has been able to put our industry on the map and not only assisting the car owners of this country but the industry will be making a significant contribution to the export of products around the world because of the innovation that this industry typifies.
“I have been very privileged to be able to represent the Association and I have been very humbled to be given this award, when you look at the other inductees, who have all done more than what I have done.
“I have to thank everyone that I have worked with in the industry and of course my wife Margaret… thank you very much and I will never forget this night,” he concluded.