Tough yet comfortable off-road suspension

The Formula brand has grown from humble beginnings as a manufacturer of passenger Shock Absorber upgrades to an established 4×4 shock absorber and spring manufacturer.
Many years ago, passenger cars were a massive market and Formula grew its range accordingly.
Over the years, the 4WD market emerged and has become increasingly popular and although Formula was a growing brand at the time, it says it saw this as a great opportunity to dominate the upcoming 4×4 market.
After meticulous research and development, analysis of the market, and engaging the 4×4 community, Formula says it began manufacturing 4×4 shocks and progressively expanding its range.
Over the last few years, Formula 4×4 reports it has been steadily increasing its establishment and states it is now recognised as a well known and loved brand in the 4WD community.
This year Formula has reported a massive spike in interest in its Formula Lift Kits, especially during COVID-19 where growth has been exponential.
From March to October 2020, Formula says it sold 332 of just one type of Kit.
ROD-011 is one of the many Formula 4×4 Lift Kits available, designed to fit and lift a Holden Colorado, Holden Rodeo, Isuzu D-Max, and Great Wall.
Formula says this kit provides the ultimate handling and control, both on and off road.
ROD-011 and the rest of the Formula 4×4 range is designed to improve your on and off-road driving experience, by gently supporting your vehicle through every bump and turn, giving you the most comfortable ride possible.
Formula 4×4 explains that its shocks are built from high grade carbon steel, incorporating a proprietary valving system and anti-foaming technology, filled with ultra-high temperature Fuchs oil and using high temperature seals to maintain a low gas pressure for maximum fade free performance.
Formula shocks also utilise a one-of-a-kind bushing specially designed for Formula shocks by SuperPro, which it says is known for being the best bushing manufacturer in the world.

Key features
• Low Pressure Nitrogen for fade free performance
• Designed and built for Australian conditions
• Tested and used by 4WD Action
• SuperPro Hybrid bushings on all Front Struts
• Specifically designed for each application
• Valve coding to suit differing spring rates
• Comfortable yet heavy duty 4WD Lift Kit
• Big Bore design for improved heat dissipation
• Tapered pegs on Front Struts for increased strength
• Three-Year/60,000km Warranty

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