Fulcrum Suspensions says it has been designing suspension systems for over 40 years with an extensive documented history of long term field testing on all of its ranges

The knowledge this library of field test results gives to the company has allowed Fulcrum to refine and, in some cases, redefine the development process to ensure only the best products are hitting the shelves, it says.
The extensive step by step process for all product development with Fulcrum begins with an initial evaluation of the product, the settings of the product are then changed at the research and development facility to suit the needs of the application and then an initial road test is undertaken.
If the process needs to be revisited at this stage it will be, otherwise the long-term field testing takes place with some products fitted to test vehicles for up to and, in some cases, over a year to, gather relevant data to ensure the best outcomes for all vehicle applications.
Formula by Fulcrum is no exception to this process. Formula is a relatively new brand of 4×4 Shock Absorber on the market but is backed by the above-mentioned knowledge and experience of Fulcrum Suspensions. The Formula 4×4 range was developed by Fulcrum Suspensions locally and entered the market with a focus on affordability, comfort and performance.
These shock absorbers were designed and valved for Australian conditions to ensure that they perform in the vast terrains most 4x4s venture to, as well as on the roads they are travelled on every day.
The shock absorbers are also partnered with other specialist products that form the Formula lift kit range. These include specialist products like SuperPro bushings that have been specifically designed for 4×4 suspension setup.
These shock absorbers are backed by a three-year or 60,000km warranty, Fulcrum says it is confident that its Formula range will provide a comfortable and reliable ride, whether on or off road, and that its range of affordable shock absorbers is continually growing with market demand.
Fulcrum states it is confident that its Formula 4×4 range has lift kits to suit the most searched 4x4s* on the market with more releases for more models in the pipeline.
The Formula range now covers major brands such as; Hilux, Ranger, BT-50, Triton, Prado, Courier, Bravo, Colorado, Rodeo, D-Max and many more.

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