Protect yourself and your loved ones against allergens, moulds and particulate matters

More and more people suffer from allergens, which is said to be the fourth most chronic illness in the world with allergies able to cause serious allergic reactions and asthma attacks.
In-car air pollution may be the cause of your allergic reactions, asthma attacks and headaches if your cabin air filters are not doing their job.
Almost 540,000 liters per hour of polluted air flows through the car aircon system, and depending on where you are driving, you and your passengers could be exposed to almost five times more exhaust gasses, pollutants and allergens than when standing and breathing the air by the roadside.
Cabin filters ensure that drivers and passengers breathe in as few pollutants as possible from the outside air.
Conventional cabin filters prevent particles such as dust, pollen and diesel soot from making their way into the car via the ventilation system.
MANN-FILTER says the good news is that its FreciousPlus cabin air filters not only remove harmful gasses and block particles, but also absorb allergens and prevent the spread of bacteria and mould in the cabin.
The three-layer FreciousPlus cabin air filters have a particle filter layer which MANN-FILTER says removes up to 100 percent of particulate matters (PM2.5). The premium activated carbon layer is the second layer that blocks unpleasant odors, and the third layer is the innovative bio-functional layer which is antiallergenic and antimicrobial.

Allergens can be released from bursting pollens which make their way into the interior of vehicles through the ventilation ducts.
The bio-functional layer of FreciousPlus is coated with an innovative polyphenol coating where Polyphenols, commonly found in natural products such as green tea and pomegranates, have anti-inflammatory properties that absorb allergens and render them harmless.
The additional antimicrobial coating prevents allergenic and sometimes malodorous bacteria and moulds from multiplying, by blocking the source of nutrition of the allergens, bacteria and fungi found in the air that flows through the aircon system.
So, if you are one of those who often drive long distances, suffer from allergies or asthma, and if you often have children and older persons or pregnant passengers travelling with you, you should check or have your cabin air filters checked now.
MANN-FILTER says you should change your cabin air filters if they are dirty for optimum filtration and maximum protection and states you should not go for just any cabin air filters, inviting you to instead upgrade yours to MANN-FILTER FreciousPlus to “protect yourselves and your loved ones.”

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