Injectronics offers repair solutions and support to the Australian Aftermarket

Since 1984, Injectronics has been providing supply solutions for electronic and mechatronic components to the automotive aftermarket and original equipment manufacturers.  
It says what sets it apart from everyone else in the automotive industry is the ongoing service it gives to its customers.
Since its establishment, Injectronics says it has developed a reputation as Australasia’s leading supplier of quality remanufactured automotive electronic components, as well as a preferred repairer of electronic and mechatronic components.
But while some businesses move on from the customer at the conclusion of a purchase, Injectronics says it is just getting started thanks to its free ongoing advice and technical support hotline.
For Injectronics, one of its most important day-to-day priorities is the technical assistance it offers ‘Free of charge’ to the trade.
To ensure the best possible service, Injectronics explains it provides support in several ways.
It says the Injectronics website is one of the most complete technical resources in the industry; featuring all its products and services; listing each repairable unit including common faults, components necessary for repairs, a host of technical bulletins, videos, catalogues and brochures, which are all downloadable; and it can connect you with local Injectronics agents.
But the jewel in the service crown is the at-the-ready call centre.
Injectronics says its tech support team can provide all the answers to your technical questions, but the expertly trained team also offers technical advice and tips, assistance with diagnostics, wiring diagrams and programming procedures – at no cost to the customer.
Electronic or mechatronic components are constantly changing, so if you need to interpret fault codes, understand adjustment and programming procedures or want to know about commonly reported faults, Injectronics says its team is there to help at no charge.
There are a number of ways that you can get in touch with the Injectronics tech support team.
You can email or phone 1300 308 060 (AU) or 0800 536 547 (NZ).
A live chat service is also offered, allowing you to live chat with one of Injectronics’ customer service representatives by simply visiting

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